Thursday, May 21, 2009

Phacebook Phishing....

There's a new threat to you and your friends personal information - courtesy of Facebook. I recieved a facebook email from a friend this morning and it said to check out '' - so I did. It took me to a page that resembled a Facebook login page and fortunately I stopped there.

Thanks to the quick response of my facebook friend he notified all concerned that his account had been comprimised and an email was sent from his account. I immediately changed my password and passed the information to all my friends just in case. Electronic communication can spread a security breach quickly but it can also be minimized by quickly informing as many people as possible.

These types of attacks are known as 'Phishing'. The offending parties attempt to decieve users into giving up their logon credentials and can quickly change your password thereby locking you out of your own account. If you have personal information kept in your Facebook account it now also belongs to the hackers as well - a scary thought.

It's common sense really but even people in the know can be mislead. In this case the web addresses to avoid are:

It’s only a matter a time before similar scams pop-up. Facebook shuts these down as quickly as possible but could provide a better notification system simply by posting alerts on all users accounts. They have the ability to do pretty much anything they choose and this would be a good choice.

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clo said...

Thank you so much Datashield for warning us about these threats. We recently had a computer 'crash' and you were so helpful with retrieving data that we thought we had lost. Advance warning about these threats will help prepare us to protect our information and back up what is important.